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Was that a termite
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Bed bugs are all the news these days. To find out more about them and the bed bug services we offer, check out our Bed Bugs page.

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Bed Bug Services Now Restricted to Single-Family Residential Homes Only

NOTE: Because of the recent explosion in bed bug populations in our area, Dura Tech Pest Control now offers bed bug services for single-family residential homes only. Please check our service area before calling for bed bug service. There is a $75 fee for inspection and estimates for bed bugs, which you get back if you hire me to do the work.

Over 35 Years' Experience

Bringing Homeowners Peace of Mind

When you call me for pest control service you deal only with me and you can take advantage of my more than 35 years of pest control experience. You can rest assured that I am the only one who will be managing pests in and around your suburban Boston home. You receive personal service and advice every step of the way. There is no supervisor to deal with - the buck stops right here!

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Environmentally Friendly

Integrated Pest Management

Dura Tech Pest Control adheres to the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques espoused by the National Pest Management Association, who define IPM as:

"A decision-making process that anticipates and prevents pest activity and infestation by combining several strategies to achieve long-term solutions. Components of an IPM program may include education, proper waste management, structural repair, maintenance, biological and mechanical control techniques, and pesticide application."

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Quarterly Residential Service

Peace of Mind All Year Round

Did you know pests can cause health concerns for your family and damage concerns for your home year round?

Protect yourself, your family and your home from disease and wood-destroying insects with a comprehensive, single-family home. quarterly pest control service plan from Dura Tech. You'll get a service agreement that's customized to meet your specific needs.

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NOTE: While most pest control services can be quoted FREE over the phone, there is a $40 service charge for an in-person inspection and estimate, which you get back if you hire me to do the work. All termite problems require an in-person inspection. Dura Tech does not conduct wood destroying insect inspections as required by HUD, VA and conventional lenders for the transfer or sale of real estate.

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I Use Advance™ Termite Bait System

Safe for Kids and Pets

Dura Tech uses the environmentally friendly, but very effective Advance™ Termite Bait System from Whitmire Micro-Gen that's safe for your suburban Boston home, your kids and your pets.

Advance Termite Bait Station

Whitmore Micro Gen Advance Termite Bait System

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Products & Equipment to Get the Job Done

Why NOT to Do it Yourself

You could expose yourself to pest-borne diseases or injury attempting to control pests yourself without the knowledge, products and equipment to get the job done right. As a licensed Massachusetts pest control operator:

  • I have access to products home centers don't sell.

  • I know what pests eat and where they live.

  • I know what's safe and what's not safe.

  • I know how to get and KEEP annoying pests under control.

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